Aspects of Training

Qigong Movements

The dynamic qigong movements are easy to learn and highly effective. qigongtraining courses involve twelve hours of active instruction. You will be enabled to begin practicing qigong with full confidence immmediately. Ongoing practice groups, clinics, and seasonal practice sessions will support your journey to health.

The qigong forms you will be taught comprise the beginning of an integrated course of training that leads to health, happiness and spiritual development. They are often referred to as meridian healing exercises because of their ability to encourage a healthy flow of qi through and around the body and remove disease-causing blockages. The movements instill profound relaxation, calm the mind, promote healing releases and prepare a person for fruitful meditation. Spontaneous movements—swaying, shaking, jerking, vocalizations etc.—commonly occur and are indicative of healing releases. Significant physical and emotional healing can occur when a person engages in disciplined practice of the movements.

A basic ingredient is the seven-movement Hexagram which, performed as a set, takes thirteen-to-fourteen minutes. Several Complementary Movements and Lotus Walk (walking meditation) are also taught. These can be performed on their own for as long as one wishes. As well, one learns a simple form of energetic self-massage. Instruction is also provided in the underlying principles of qigongand how they form the basis for ongoing self-healing.

Features of QigongTraining

  • Easy-to-learn exercises—tools for self-healing: seven-movement Hexagram, twelve Complementary Movements
  • Remove blockages that cause disease, chronic ailments, pain, emotional difficulties etc.
  • Enhance resilience and immune function—restore balance and energy flow
  • Free the body of the effects of stress—learn deep relaxation
  • Free the mind of traumatic memories, obsessive thoughts, negative emotions, depression etc.
  • Physical and spiritual foundations of happiness and health
  • Self-care for counsellors, therapists, healers etc.
  • Calm the mind and prepare to learn meditation
  • Cultivate healthy qi flow and develop the capacity to heal others


Jack teaches a form of meditation which is essentially Chan or Zen. By learning to transcend thoughts and emotions you will be able to free yourself from the obstructions which block your deepest and truest nature. The healing benefits of meditation are well established.

Some Highlights of Meditation Training

  • Training in qigong will have prepared your mind and body for meditation.
  • You will learn direct and effective methods that overcome the separation of mind and body, that clarify the mind and bring about inner peace and unity.
  • You will gain skill in relaxation, detachment and letting go.
  • You will be introduced to a range of concepts drawn from the best classical literature on meditation.
  • You will discover your own ability to heal yourself.
  • You will find your mind becoming less reactive and more responsive.
  • No religious commitment is necessary. But, because meditation brings one into touch with reality unfiltered by belief or prejudice, it is compatible with any wholesome outlook.

Further Dimensions of Training

Introduction to Healing Techniques

In a series of workshops held over a period of a decade or more, Master Yap helped people understand the healer's role in CFQ healing. This form of training built on the principles of CFQ healing, on the skills previously learned and, most importantly, on the personal changes that were brought about by the practice of qigong and meditation. Participants learned to open the mind in a boundariless union with the patient, to embrace the patient's karma in their own radiance, and to dissolve this karma. The patient's body is de-traumatized and the clearing-off process is initiated.

Deeper Levels of Meditation

Master Yap's profound teachings provide the support for ever-deepening training and meditative practice. The process of karmic formation is taught in detail. The possibility of paranormal abilities (spiritual gifts) is reviewed openly. The meditator becomes familiar with the energetic character of the spiritual world. Chakras and other light phenomena are discussed. The use of a mantra and variations of the postures are taught. The Central Channel and Container of Life are engaged. Suchness and Emptiness become realities for the sincere practitioner.

What People Say

Practicing CFQ gives me a quiet time each day to get in touch with myself— the delicate inner self and spirit. In the few months that I have practiced CFQ, I have experienced an awakening of new knowledge about my body and myself. CFQ shows me there's the possibility to go much further in self- discovery, to explore the energy we have as humans that we often are not aware of.... Jack provided a friendly, supportive environment in which to learn CFQ. The classes were relaxed and went at a pace and level that was accessible to everyone.... After the class I found I has able to do CFQ, derive benefit from it and improve my form on my own.

- Susan

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