An Online Immersive Experience in Meditation

Learn to meditate and develop a stable meditation practice

Gain valuable insights to guide your meditation experience

Be introduced to rich traditions of meditation teaching that stretch back 2500 years

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beginning January 21, 2019.
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The course was much more than I ever dreamed it could be. I do appreciate the background readings and the presentations were very good. ....It was incredibly interesting to learn about the complex and different stages in meditation. Fascinating and yet, so deeply complex. ....I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Zen meditation. I think I would like to learn more in the future.

-Lee-Ann Bowe


Website readings were great and easily accessed....Videos great. I am visual so these just added to the understanding....Sessions great: doing it from home is wonderful! Jack’s presentations: great and so well prepared!

-Denise Vielfaure


The benefits are endless. I have come to find a more calming place that I now seem to live my life from. Not to mention the medical benefits....I found myself more able to stay focused and meditate on a more regular basis by having set homework, readings and knowing that there would be time for discussion....I have seen incredible improvements over my past five years....Having the video feed gives a more connected feeling....I found, after doing the online session and then reading, the material was easier to comprehend. There was more clarity....Website videos essential to proper technique, invaluable....I think this course sets out a perfect flow into meditation and what it is all about....Thanks so much, Jack. It has been wonderful and I will be anxiously awaiting what you come up with next for us out this way!

Vanna Harvey


An Innovative Online Approach

If you have learned Qigong from Jack Risk and have maintained a regular practice for at least six months, you are invited to receive instruction in meditation from Jack.

Jack Risk has launched a new way to learn to meditate. Through weekly online sessions and interaction with resources on Jack's website you are given the opportunity to become confident and secure in your practice. You will increase your understanding of the tradition of Buddhist meditation. More than a crash introduction to meditation, this course allows you to experiment, satisfy your curiosity, and—most of all—practice for ten weeks under the direct guidance of Jack.

Learn—and practice!—in the comfort of your own home.

What This Course Offers

Eleven Online Sessions

  • You will participate with a group of others in an online meditation community (maximum six).
  • There will be ten weekly video conferencing sessions to learn new methods, explore the teachings and clarify understandings.
  • Each session will provide 1.5 hours of instruction, shared meditation practice and discussion.
  • At the beginning of the course there will be an additional, shorter session to make acquaintances and get used to the technology.
  • Each session will provide instruction in meditation theory and concepts that can support your understanding of meditation. There will also be shared practice time in each session.
  • The shape of the overall course conforms to traditional patterns of training.

Weekly Practice between Online Sessions

  • During the week you will practice on a daily basis, prepare the coming week's assigned readings, sample other readings, make entries in your meditation journal and provide feedback to Jack through evaluation forms.
  • To prepare for each online session a small number of required readings will be designated.
  • Each week's materials are laid out for easy access on a reserved webpage.
  • Practice instructions for all of the methods taught are viewable online with clear direction for the week's homework..
  • The site includes instructional videos that can be viewed at your leisure.
  • Jack will make himself available for one-on-one video consultation about your practice.

Website Resources on the Course Materials Page

  • Jack builds his online instruction around powerpoint presentations which distill many of the major themes in meditation literature and training traditions. All of these presentations are available for you to review at any time.
  • Recordings of each online session will be available for you to go over again between sessions.
  • Additional resources on our reserved webpage:
    • Instructional videos
    • Approximately 100 readings, carefully selected from traditional and modern sources with clear indication of which ones are assigned and which ones are optional
    • Dozens of Zen poems
    • Hundreds of short quotations arranged by theme to inspire you
    • Concise summaries of the techniques taught
    • Clear instructions for each week's homework

An Enriched Introductory Experience

  • Receive training and encouragement in meditation techniques and meditational movements as taught by Master Yap Soon Yeong and in traditional Chan/Zen Buddhism.
  • Receive instruction and have an opportunity to develop skill in sitting, standing, reclining and walking postures of meditation, each with variants.
  • Be taught various techniques of movement-based qigong and meditation.
  • Acquire an understanding of what happens in meditation and what to do to further your practice.
  • Develop insight into the afflictions that keep you from full health and happiness.
  • Build healthy attitudes and habits to support your progress in meditation.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to meditate and make progress in spiritual development.
  • Consider meaningful ways in which meditation can fit into and enhance your life.
  • Learn some of the basic concepts of Buddhist philosophy of mind that will enhance your understanding of meditation.
  • Catch up with recent scientific research into meditation.
  • Sample some of the best writing on meditation.
  • Be introduced to some of the literary treasures of the Chan/Zen and other Buddhist traditions.

Course Requirements

  • Having learned CFQ qigong from Jack Risk and having maintained a reasonably serious practice for at least six months
  • Desktop or laptop computer (tablets are acceptable but not advised, phones are inadequate)
  • High speed internet access with valid email account
  • There is no cost to you to make use of Zoom software
  • For reading the documents you will need an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader (free)
  • Appropriate time and space for undisturbed online sessions and daily meditation practice

What You Commit To

  • Participation in eleven weekly online sessions
  • Daily practice of a minimum of thirty minutes using, exclusively, the methods taught in this course
  • Assigned readings and as many optional readings as time allows
  • Submitting weekly feedback forms and a course-end evaluation
  • Keeping a meditation journal
  • Price $150.00

Expressions of Interest are Currently being Accepted

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What People Say

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over a year ago after suffering debilitating chronic pain, sleep disturbance and fatigue for over 2 years. I have always been a positive, active person and this diagnosis changed my world. I stopped working and enjoying activities that I had participated in my entire life. After many different doctors, medications and alternative therapies I was referred to Jack. I have participated in both Level 1 and Level 2 training sessions and they have changed my life. Jack is very passionate about qigong and compassionate about each person he works with. After several months of daily practice and weekly visits to see Jack for one-on-one healing sessions, I can truly say that I control my fibromyalgia and it no longer controls me. I am now weaning myself from medications that came with side effects and planning to return to my job. Qigong has helped my pain, my stress and my sleep and I will be forever grateful to have found it. Thank you, Jack.

- Lana Thorarinson

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